Industrial Machinery Division

ATAD's Industrial Machinery Division (IMD) strives to bring the world’s latest industrial technologies to your doorstep, catering to the engineering industries, sheet metal and fabrication industries, construction sector, ship building, marine industries, oil and gas, and petrochemical industries.
As machinery experts, we at ATAD understand the importance of every step towards finding the perfect machine, evident in our commitment to selling premium machines imported from Europe and the rest of the world.
ATAD has established relations and secured agencies with some of the leading and major suppliers around the globe of which include: TRUMPF (Germany), SOYER (Germany), CEA (Italy), TECNOROBOT (Italy), ROTABROACH (UK), and more.
The wide range of products available showcases our dedication to supplying products that cater to all needs. These range from multi-process welding machines, laser welding, cleaning, and marking solutions to stud welding machines and studs, shear connectors, and insulation nails, along with a full range of welding consumables to meet the day-to-day demands of our clients.
Our wide range of products further extends to supplying high-tech stationary sheet metal machines for steel fabricators and switch gear manufacturers along with portable and easy-to-use on-site magnetic drilling machines and cutters, CNC Plasma cutting machines, CNC Punching & Bending Tools, and Power Tools specialized for cutting, bevelling, seam locking, deburring, slat cleaning, crimping for sheet metal fabricators, air-conditioning, and HVAC industries.
Our well-trained, qualified, and fully experienced sales team understands the requirements of our customers and works hard towards offering the most reliable and cost-effective solutions. We strive to achieve maximal customer satisfaction, reflected in our provision of seminars, assistance, and in-house or on customer premises live demonstrations provided by our OEM trained service engineers. Hence, further ensuring customer satisfaction through our quick service, minimising downtime, and offering a competitive edge.