We are proud to be the leading technical service provider in the region which truly does provide a SERVICE LIKE NO OTHER

  • Largest CNC sheet metal and power tools supplier service team in the region which is located near you.
  • Quick response time. If you need help with your machine, you will have the peace of mind knowing that one of our highly qualified service technicians will be at your doorstep ready to help you.
  • High training and quality standards for the service technicians. All our service technicians participate in standardized training programs. They go through comprehensive training courses that include intensive hands-on work. We keep our technicians up to date through regular update training workshops.
  • Remote service gives us the ability to make a direct connection between your machine and our specialists. This allows us to correct errors fast, reducing downtime.
  • Our office team takes care of your needs supporting you in all after-sales inquiries. They gladly guide you through proactive and precise communication in order to provide you with a high-quality service.

Spare Parts & Consumables

We hold a large stock of Genuine TRUMPF Spare Parts and Consumables in our Dubai warehouse, this allows us to supply many vital parts without delay, downtime is kept to minimum, helping our customers achieve maximum efficiency and productivity from their machinery.

Customer Training

To help users get the most from their TRUMPF machine, we offer training courses covering all aspects of the machine including programming, operation, and maintenance. Training course can be tailored to match customer's exact requirements to make sure that the production personnel's time is utilized efficiency.

Service Agreement

Many TRUMP machines worldwide are equipped with a Maintenance Contract and as users realise the benefits, this trend is on the rise. TRUMPF machines have a robust and reliable design, but as with all machinery, routine maintenance is required to ensure that they continue performing at peak performance and unexpected downtime is avoided. We are pleased to give all our customers the chance to benefit by offering our Annual Maintenance Contract with added benefits such as generous discounts on spare parts and consumables.