Business Code of Ethics

ATAD’s business priorities are determined through an impartial code of ethics. Each employee of the company follows rules and regulations; ensuring both timely delivery of responsibilities and efficient services. ATAD strives to achieve excellence in business by following a list of guidelines. The policies below guarantee that the organization, its partners and stakeholders are managing business as per company values and all legal requirements.

  • Effective Communication

ATAD’s business strategy starts with seamless communication. Listening to our customers as well as partners is of utmost importance in order to gain productive feedback and enhance the standards of our deliverables.

  • Establishing Workplace Relationships

Here at ATAD, we believe in open, transparent working environment to ensure business success by not only boosting employee confidence, but also reinforcing relationships at the workplace.

  • Honesty and integrity

Aligning with corporate governance, business integrity has an important function in all the operations of the company. All our milestones achieved and good repute is based on the company’s transparent processes of manufacturing and production.

  • Conflict of interest

Our stringent corporate policies aim at averting any conflict of interest within company by actively maintaining rules and regulations. The company discourages any such relationship, which might impair performance or reaching company’s goals.

  • Regulations Compliance

ATAD strictly complies with all local, regional as well as international rules and regulations. The company has adopted a consolidated set of policies that is directly aligned with good governance. Our corporate integrity stems from conforming to laws, rules and regulations where we do business. All our employees have a deep understanding of all organizational regulations.

  • Competing fairly

The company makes it a point to impartially deal with its long list of partners, including customers and partners. We understand the importance of working hand in hand with our partners and as a result realize sustainable growth.

  • Treating people fairly

ATAD strongly believes in diversity and treating employees and partners impartially. It is because of this approach that all our business operations run seamlessly and we successfully satisfactory corporate environment. In addition to this, the company constantly endeavors to solidify and strengthen its relations with the general public by fulfilling their requirements.