PP-R & PEX Piping System

Q-Therm, the PP-R and PEX piping systems, offered by Quantum Industries provides “a comprehensive piping solution” for all potable water transfer requirements. The Q-Therm material possesses a good durability, recyclability and environment friendly characteristics.


To replace conventional piping systems


With the state-of-the-art German technology and machinery.


To the International norms & standards.


To withstand higher working pressures and temperatures.


By the top notch quality control equipments.


By a team of professionals, dedicated with all their expertise to deliver the best to all clients.


  • Potable installations inside houses, high rise buildings, hotels, hospitals and virtually all types of commercial and residential buildings.
  • Factories with high-pressure water and compressed air circuits.
  • Rain drainage and collection systems.
  • Indoor and outdoor swimming pools, gyms and their water filtration circuits and water installations.
  • Piping networks for all types of irrigation and agriculture applications and pressurized Piping networks.
  • Piping networks for all types for industrial applications for the delivery of aggressive chemicals including many acidic, alkaline & other reactive & corrosive chemicals.
  • Connections from municipality mains to the tanks and reservoirs.
  • Boilers and radiator connections and networks.
  • Risers for water delivery, ventilation, and pressure relief.
  • Water transport from pumps to upper tanks and distribution points.
  • Connections through meters, and distributor manifolds.
  • Distributions inside flats, apartments, houses etc…
  • Under floor network distribution and under floor heating networks

Q-Therm PP-R Pipes

PP-R piping system emerged as a safe and reliable piping system requirement for potable water transport in areas such a domestic water transfer. Q-Therm uses the PP-R material from leading manufactures in the globe including Borouge, a joint venture of Borealis and Adnoc which have became top PP-R grades due to its distinctive material properties, performance and quality. Q-Therm uses PPR 80 and PPR 100 materials for various product ranges.

Q-Therm PEX Pipes

PEX refers to cross-linked Polyethylene tubing that provides an excellent option for plumbing, radiant and heat-transfer system in both residential and commercial plumbing applications. Q-Therm produces PEX-b pipes, which are ideal for applications in high and low temperature. PEX-b is also flexible, non-brittle due to its cross-linked property. Q-Therm's PEX-b pipes can be used for under-floor Heating Systems, Central Heating Systems and Sanitary applications in residential and commercial buildings.